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I am Green - Out of Print
A Mind for Missions By: Paul Borthwick ISBN: 0891091912

Description: When starving children with bloated bellies appear on the nightly news, are you tempted to change channels? You're not alone. Borthwick presents 10 building blocks for sensitizing believers to the needs beyond our borders, and for sharpening our global vision. You'll find plenty of practical, ready-to-use ideas to promote involvement---prayer, giving, lifestyle choices, and more. 167 pages, soft cover from NavPress.

Student Mission Power, David M. Howard  - out of print
Culture Shock, Myron Loss - ISBN: 9996440826 - out of print

From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions, Ruth Tucker, ISBN: 0310459311

Description: For anyone considering missions, this classic is a must! Vignettes arranged in chronological and geographical order provide an enlightening biographical history of Christian missions---from the evangelizing of the Roman Empire to American Indian and African outreach. These telling stories help prepare you for the challenges you'll face as a messenger of Christ. 511 pages, soft cover from Zondervan.

Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot, Elisabeth Elliot, ISBN: 006062213X

Description: This beautifully written and moving memoir of the martyrdom of Jim Elliot and four other missionaries at the hands of the Auca Indians in Ecuador has inspired Christians since its first publication in 1958. Elisabeth Elliot makes full use of Jim's revealing diaries to fill in the details of a life ''hid with Christ in God.'' Her portrait of a man who was utterly committed is a timeless testament to the mercy and majesty of the Almighty. 256 pages with photos, soft cover from HarperCollins.

Chasing the Dragon, Jackie Pullinger - ISBN: 0892831510

Description: Inside the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong lies the infamous Walled City. Strangers are not welcome there. Police hesitate to enter. It is a haven of filth, crime, and sin. Prostitution, pornography, and drug addiction flourish. Thirty thousand people - maybe twice that - live in a few cramped dismal acres. Jackie Pullinger had grown up believing that if she put her trust in God, he would lead her. When she was 20 years old God called her to the Walled City. She obeyed. And as she spoke of Jesus Christ, brutal hoods were converted, prostitutes retired from their trade, and heroin junkies found new power that freed them from the bondage of drug addiction. Hundreds discovered new life in Christ. Chasing the Dragon tells the whole amazing story - exactly as it happened.

Bruchko, Bruce Olson - ISBN: 0884191338

Description: What can God do if you step out in faith and obedience? Perhaps the better question is what can God not do? As you read Bruce Olson's recounting of his time with the Motilone people in Colombia, you will begin to see that with God, nothing is impossible. Olson began his ministry in Colombia without knowing even Spanish, much less any of the indigenous languages. Bruchko is a fascinating account of God's faithfulness as expressed through the willing vessel of Bruce Olson.

Through a series of events that could daunt many a potential missionary, Olson made his way to the Motilone people, who were thought to be a violent, primitive people. Their only interaction with the outside world had ended in violence and death, as the Motilone's killed outsiders to protect their lands. Young Bruce Olson naďvely stepped into this volatile situation, believing that God wanted him there and wanted him to share the life-changing gospel of Jesus. Through Olson's unshakable conviction that he was where God wanted him, God was able to use Olson to achieve salvation on a wholesale scale for the Motilone.

Though the breakthrough was years in coming, Olson's friendship with Bobarishoya (Bobby) eventually bore the fruit of salvation for Bobby and the Motilone (Bobby became a prominent Motilone leader). Through God's faithfulness and Olson's perseverance, Bobby and Olson were able to discover a way to incarnate Jesus in a distinctly Motilone fashion. Once this happened, Olson began to see wide scale conversion, and through his efforts, as aided by Bobby, Olson was able to translate parts of the Bible into the Motilone language. The Motilone accepted Christ and even began reaching out to Colombia's other indigenous tribes. Motilone are now respected members in Colombian society, with several holding political positions.

The transformation of the Motilone from a primitive tribe to a healthy and well-educated people is nothing short of amazing. Olson was able to institute medical programs, using the tribe's "doctor" to gain acceptance. He also helped the tribe establish agriculture and even schools. Olson knows that his success can only be attributed to God and the Spirit of God acting in the Motilone. The true transformation of the Motilone was the spiritual change, which in turn affected other areas of their life. Olson's methods, and especially his success, are a whole new paradigm for missions, which attempts not to mold a culture into an established (usually Western) mold, but seeks to truly incarnate Christ in and to that culture. After reading this book, you will be amazed at God's ability to do more than we ask and think.

Vanya, Myrna Grant - ISBN: 0884190099

Description: This is the true story of Ivan (Vanya) Moiseyev, a soldier in the Soviet Red Army who was ruthlessly persecuted and incarcerated for his faith. Through two years of trial and torture, he never denied his Savior, and he never hesitated to share the gospel with anyone who would listen.

Tortured for His Faith, Haralan Popov - ASIN: 0310312620 - out of print
I Dared to Call Him Father, Bilquis Sheikh - ISBN: 0800793242

Description: At a time when new questions about Islam arise daily, the miraculous story of Bilquis Sheikh will help you understand and reach out to Muslims---with compassion and the gospel. A wealthy Pakistani woman, the outspoken Sheikh came to know God through a dream, turning her world upside down---and putting her life in danger. 192 pages, soft cover from Baker.

Anointed for Burial, Todd and DeAnn Burke - Out of Print. ASIN: 0882702459
A Distant Grief, F. Kefa Sempangi - ASIN: 0830706844
The Jesus Style, Gayle D. Erwin - ISBN: 1565992253

Description: In this book Gayle Erwin helps us to see and feel and hear Jesus as though for the first time without any preconception, predisposition or predjudice. He helps to free us from our traditions and the same dogmatic prison in which the religionists contemporary with Jesus were bound.

To Understand Each Other, Paul Tournier - ISBN: 066422279X - Amazon

Eternity in Their Hearts, Don Richardson - ISBN: 0830709258

Description: The year is 1795, and deep in Burma's jungle hundreds of tribesmen rush to greet a light-skinned stranger. Is he bringing the book their forefathers lost centuries ago---the book that tells about Y'Wa, the Supreme God? With this and 25 more case studies, Richardson shows how God has prepared the way for the gospel by setting ''eternity in the hearts of men.'' 223 pages, paper, from Gospel Light.

Living More With Less, Doris Janzen Longacre - ISBN: 0836119304

Description: The author provides a pattern for living with less and a wealth of practical suggestions from around the world in chapters on money, clothing, homes, transportation and travel, celebrations, and recreation. In this unique volume of personal testimonies woven together by superbly written, thought provoking introductions, Doris Longacre offers an excellent combination of theory and practice.

Out of the Saltshaker and into the World, Rebecca Pippert - ISBN: 0830822208

Description: "Christians and non-Christians have something in common," says Pippert. "We're both uptight about evangelism." So begins this fun, engaging bestseller that helps you feel relaxed, not pressured, about sharing your faith. Revised and expanded with new real-life stories and evangelistic strategies! Includes study guide. 288 pages, soft cover from InterVarsity.

Tentmakers Speak Out, Don Hamilton - Out of Print
The Support-Raising Handbook, Brian Rust and Barry McLeish - ASIN: 0877843260 Out of Print
Commitment to a Wartime Lifestyle, Ralph D. Winter - Out of Print
Touch the World Through Prayer, Wesley Duewel - ISBN: 0310362717

Description: Wesley Duewel explains how every Christian can have a missionary outreach through intercessory prayer. He describes how to pray in the power of Jesus' name, how to counteract the influence of Satan, how to recognize the work of angels in answer to prayer, and more. Touch the World through Prayer provides step-by-step plans for making a prayer list, organizing a prayer circle, and holding a prayer retreat for your Christian friends who have a burden for missions.

Destined for the Throne, Paul Billheimer - ISBN: 1556617399

Description: With its message of God's love for His Bride and believers' triumph in Christ, DESTINED FOR THE THRONE, has been a rousing call to prayer for thousands. God's eternal purpose, writes Paul Billheimer, has been the preparation and training of an eternal companion for His Son: the Bride of Christ. This preparation takes place as believers engage in spiritual warfare, and as they exercise believing prayer. God has chosen to work in the world through His children's prayers; Christians need prayer in order to practice for their heavenly destiny.

This Discovery of Genesis, C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson - ISBN: 0570037921 - Amazon
God's Chosen Fast, Arthur Wallis - ISBN: 0875085547

Description: Having proved over many years the great value and blessing of fasting, the author has written this book to share with others what the Bible has to say about this important and neglected subject. His aim has been to furnish a handbook which deals not only with all the main passages in Scripture that touch on the matter, but also with the practical issues involved. This is a balanced study which seeks to give to the subject that weight that Scripture gives it and avoids exaggeration and over-emphasis. The book includes a biblical index, and a appendix dealing with the textual problems surrounding four references to fasting in the New Testament.

Operation World, Patrick J. Johnstone - ISBN: 1850783578

Description: The standard tool for missions and intercession has been updated again. It includes information accurage as of April 2001, and describes the fruits of several ongoing missionary efforts.

Based on the supposition that "When we pray God works," Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk have put together a prayer guide covering the entire populated world. Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes for world change, or a missionary reaping the benefits of intercession, Operation World will give you the information necessary to bring the good news to those who have not heard it. It offers demographic and geographical information for every country in the world, as well as answers to prayer (for applicable countries), and prayer requests.

Alphabetized for easy reference, Operation World offers some of the most useful and comprehensive data geared to missions and evangelization. And the appendices are packed with contact information, names of government officials, resources, etc. The book is indexed by people groups and place, so information is always easy to find and use. Pray for countries that are put on your heart, or follow the year-long plan in the book and pray for the whole world. Either way, you can be part of the Great Commission, and help to spread the Gospel.

We Really Do Need to Listen, Ruben Welch - ASIN: 0914850849 - Out of Print
Honorably Wounded, Majory Foyle - ISBN: 0825460239

Description: A psychiatrist and medical doctor provides insights and special help for the unique stress and pressures of full-time Christian service.

Unveiled at Last, Bob Sjogren - ISBN: 0927545373

Description: Read your Bible as one book with one introduction, one story, and one conclusion. Discover a unifying theme woven throughout the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation unveiling God's purpose for you in a fresh new way!

Our Globe and How to Reach It, David Barrett and Todd Johnson - ASIN: 0936625929 - Out of Print
The Christless Nations, J.M. Thoburn - Out of Print
Catch the Visoin 2000, Bill & Amy Stearns - ISBN: 1556611846 -Out of Print
Asian Church Today, Alfred C.H. Yeo - Out of Print
Changing the Mind of Missions: Where Have We Gone Wrong?, James Engel, ISBN: 0830822399

Description: Missions, in their contemporary, Western form, cannot be said to be successful, particularly in the area of discipleship. But where have we gone wrong? Part of the problem, according to Dyrness and Engel, is associating missions with "modernity...and Western forms of political and economic power." But more importantly, they assert that we Christians in the West have for too long interpreted the call to go and make disciples of all nations in a deficient manner, relegating the call to simply "communicating a set of biblical propositions to a maximum number of people, and declaring them as 'reached' once this takes place," thereby measuring our success "by numerical response" alone. This misinterpretation is seen in Changing the Mind of Missions as the greatest deterrent to successful missionary activity in our time. This book is a clarion call for the recovery of a New Testament mindset concerning missions. Additionally, it seeks to help us all understand the New Testament's missionary God as evidenced in the life of Christ.

How did the early church achieve is amazing success? In the words of Dyrness and Engel, they recognized that "the appearance of Jesus Christ as God's messiah" inaugurated or began the "last days of God's reign on earth" and God's calling out "a people to announce and embody that reign." They also knew that "the power and authority for missions comes wholly and exclusively from the risen Christ who calls His church to serve Him." Accordingly, if these two conceptions do not form the foundation of our missions strategies, our strategies will fail, as Dyrness and Engel understand it.

They attempt to paint a picture of the missionary mindset in the New Testament and the church that lived that mindset out. They compare the various views of the Great Commission as expressed in each of the Gospels and in Acts, offering a composite view of missions. True missions are defined as those that "extend the mighty work that Christ embodied as he restored God's reign on earth--atoning for human sin on the cross and conquering sin and death in the resurrection." But there is a future aspect to missions as well, as missions should anticipate "what God will do one day when Christ returns in glory to renew the earth." Ultimately, true missions must be Trinitarian: they are "God-originated, Christ-centered, and Spirit-empowered."

In the early part of the twentieth century, Roland Allen, in his book Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?, went as far as to say that "we have not yet tried Paul's [missionary] method anywhere." Dyrness and Engel lay out what they see as both Paul's method, and the dominant method of missions in the New Testament. And they urge all Christians, particularly those with a heart for missions, to appropriate Paul's missionary method, and allow God to extend his reign in the earth. Heed their call, and you will truly begin to change the mind of missions.

The Legacy Of William Carey, Vishal Mangalwadi Ruth Mangalwadi - ISBN: 1581341121

Description: This biography about the central character in the story of India's modernization will help people understand William Carey's impact. But The Legacy Of William Carey is more than a biography. It is a charge to all Christians to respond in kind within their own cultures, and to use Carey's example as their model for taking the light of the Gospel into every corner of society. If we follow in his footsteps, not only will hearts be changed for eternity and entire cultures transformed for Christ, but lives will be bettered this side of heaven.

The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip, David Forward - ISBN: 0802425267

Description: Many are turning to short-term mission trips as a way to fulfill the Great Commission. In this indispensable handbook, David Forward helps prepare leaders and team members for the mission field. You'll get the whole story on practical subjects like cultural sensitivity, raising financial support, and clearing customs. Before you pack your bags, find out what lies ahead with this complete guide.

Changing Frontiers in Mission, William Shenk - ISBN: 1570752591

Description: From the publisher: Changing Frontiers of Mission reflects on the history of missions and seeks to discern its path for the future. Ever since Jesus' time, mission must precede the church. The renewal of the church is linked to recovery of this priority of mission. Unlike in the past, where the "frontier" was a geographical location, the future "frontier" is symbolized by outward movement, away from the status quo, and toward new challenges, growth and opportunities. Shenk organizes the book in sections dealing with: (1) theological frontiers; (2) frontiers in theory and practice; (3) contemporary Western culture as a missiological frontier; and (4) discerning changes in the historical patterns of carrying on mission. With Christians in every part of the world, the "frontier" needs to be flexible and responsive to the socio-political changes in our world. Outdated geographical boundaries of "frontier" may be the greatest obstacle to missions in our world today.

Anthropological Reflections on Missiological Issues, Paul Hiebert - ISBN: 0801043948

Description: Anthropology's contributions are explored to give an understanding of cross-cultural epistemology, globalism, urbanization, church planting, and spiritual warfare.

Anthropological Insights for Missionaries, Paul Hiebert - ISBN: 0801042917

Description: One source to help missionaries understand the people they serve and their historical and cultural settings is in the field of study called anthropology. The author, an expert in his field, taps its insights for missionaries in a way that few others do.

Can Evangelicals Learn From World Religions?: Jesus, Revelation & Religious Traditions, Gerald R. McDermott - ISBN: 0830822747

Description: The unique revelation of God through the Jews and through Jesus does not imply that no other revelation of God's character has ever occurred. That is the basic premise that motivated Gerald McDermott to write Can Evangelicals Learn from World Religions?: Jesus, Revelation and Religious Traditions. As he describes the book, it is "the beginning of an evangelical theology of the religions that addresses not the question of salvation but the problems of truth and revelation, and takes seriously the normative claims of other traditions."

The first five chapters of the book are McDermott's argument that we can indeed learn more about Christianity by understanding various ideas and concepts from other religions. He believes that the Bible even suggests that God may have sometimes revealed Himself to those outside of Israel and the Church. He also offers a possible new interpretation of revelation, and argues that God has revealed religious types in other religions (which is different from both special and general revelation). Then he looks at three Christian theologians who have used extensive knowledge from outside the Church to help them understand the revelation of Christ better (Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin).

The next four chapters are observations from McDermott's study of four major religions. He offers insight and perspectives from Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism and Islam. Each of these religions, says McDermott, can teach us something new about Christ, or at the very least, teach us how to view something we already know from a different perspective.

While many of those who accept the possibility of revelation in other religions tend to adapt Christian doctrines to fit that which is revealed in other religions, McDermott feels he has found in other religions a strong confirmation of Christian doctrine which allows for a new, and deeper insight. But there are some objections which can be raised in response to McDermott's insights, and he understands this. Thus, he asks and answers five questions which can and have come up regarding the issue of revelation in other religions: 1) Do we not already know the truths revealed in other religions? 2) Does new revelation compromise the biblical canon? 3) How does believing in the possibility of revelation in other religions affect missions and evangelism?; 4) Why study other religions when we do not know our own? 5) What is the purpose of learning truth from other religions?

Provocative and insightful, this book will open your eyes to the God who has made Himself known among the nations. You will gain an understanding of other religions, and their search for God, and you will understand Christianity better as well.

No Other Gods before Me?: Evangelicals and the Challenge of World Religions, STACKHO - ISBN: 0801022916

Description: No Other Gods Before Me?: Evangelicals and the Challenge of World Religions is a provocative collection of essays on the topic of the development of an evangelical theology of religions. But, you may be asking, why is the development of such a theology of religions necessary, and what is it's importance? According to the contributors, the necessity and importance stems from the fact that world religions are both impacting and being impacted by the Church, and evangelicalism in particular. To ignore this fact, particularly in terms of missions and evangelism, would be inefficient, for without truly understanding other religions and the cultures they produce, we cannot really offer Christianity as a viable alternative.

Using the diversity of the world's religions as a starting point, No Other Gods Before Me? seeks to answer important questions like:

What are religions?
How does the uniqueness of Christ and the Christian message fit within the context of religious diversity?
Are non-Christian faiths legitimate means of accessing the divine?
Is there divine revelation in non-Christian religions?
Is the "Jesus Story" found in other religions?
How should evangelism (evangelicalism) and missions proceed within a multi-faith context?
The questions are provocative, and some of the answers are as well. The contributors represent a broad range of differences within evangelicalism, and a broad range of specialties, ranging from anthropology to sociology to history. They include Richard Mouw, Gerald McDermott, Miriam Adeney and others. For a full list, click the more info button. No Other Gods Before Me? is not afraid to ask tough questions and it doesn't offer simplistic answers. And while you may not agree with all the answers it provides, they will cause you to think critically about the issue of Christianity's interaction with other religions. And this is a good thing, according to the essays.

Salvation to the Ends of the Earth, Andreas Kostenberger Peter O'Brien - ISBN: 0830826114

Description: The New Studies in Biblical Theology (NSBT) series is billed as "creative attempts to help thinking Christians understand their Bibles better" and "aims simultaneously to instruct and to edify, to interact with the current literature, and to point the way ahead." Salvation to the Ends of the Earth is the NSBT volume on missions, and it offers a biblical-theological look at the important topic of missions.

Authors Andreas Köstenberger and Peter T. O'Brien feel that missions has often been neglected in biblical theology. This is why they now offer us a comprehensive study of the theme of missions from a biblical-theological view, looking at how the entire Bible views missions. Their conclusion: "Mission is linked inextricably to humanity's sinfulness and need for redemption, and to God's provision of salvation in the person and work of Christ." The authors feel that the foundation of Christian mission must lay in Jesus' salvific mission as revealed in the Bible.

In their biblical-theological model, three aspects take precedence: history, literature and theology. Each aspect is used to discuss missions in: the Old Testament; the second-temple period; the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke-Acts); the letters of Paul; the letters of John; the General Epistles; Revelation. They attempt to answer tough questions like: Was Israel in the Old Testament called to an active missionary outreach like the church was called to in the New Testament? Can second-temple Judaism be characterized as a missionary religion? Did Jesus limit His mission to the Jews only, or was it also extended to the Gentiles as well? Did Paul encourage believers to emulate his own missionary activities?

Köstenberger and O'Brien feel that there may well be some discontinuity between mission in the Old and New Testaments, but they also feel that ", ultimately, God's Word" and that "we may legitimately expect to see an underlying logic and unity in the biblical message...for Scripture is united by one pervading purpose: the tracing of God's unfolding plan of redemption." Since "God acts coherently and purposefully in history" we can expect more unity than disunity between the Old and New Testaments regarding mission. Once that unity is known and understood, it can transform missions in our time. We will see the hand of God pointing the way to greater missionary endeavors, and we, as His ambassadors, will bring Salvation to the Ends of the Earth.


**Free Revolution in World Missions, K.P. Yohannan,

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