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Spiritual Needs of Missionaries
Here are some spiritual needs that your missionaries have.  They are divided into two categories.  First, needs that can be met by physical things that we have excess of here in the United States such as study guides, commentaries, Bibles, etc.  Second, needs that can be meet by spending time with or asking God to meet.  Of course there are also the spiritual needs of the people they are ministering to, but these needs are secondary to the needs of the messenger.

Spiritual needs that can be met with physical things:

    • Bible Studies
    • Sermons on tape/CD
    • Topical studies
    • Any and all Christian books
    • Commentaries and study tools

    Spiritual needs that cannot be met by physical things:

    • Prayer
    • Fellowship
    • Accountability
    • Fasting
    • Meditation on God's Word
    • Maturing faith


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